Payda Supports Students Project 

The aim of the long term Payda Supports Students Project, which we have launched in April 2012, is to support female students from economically disadvantaged families in continuing their education from primary school onwards, and enable them to graduate from university. We design and implement all the activities within the scope of the project with the aim of empowering our students and enabling them to join the society as independent women making their own decisions; in line with our mission of “Development through Social Interaction”.
We conduct our project in the provinces of Mardin, Batman, Diyarbakır, Nevşehir, Istanbul, Sakarya, Malatya and Adana based on one-on-one communication with the families and a modular management system in addition to providing financial support. We aim to grow by including other cities within our scope in the future.


Our project, which aims to forge strong and permanent bonds between our girls and volunteers, consists of eight components:
In order to provide education support for primary and high school students:
* Donation in advance payment: 2,300 TL + 300 TL (stationery) = A total of 2,600 TL (to be paid once),
* Donation in monthly payments: 260 TL (for 10 months)
In the monthly payments option, a copy of the automatic payment order given to the bank for monthly transfers to Payda account should be sent to Payda.
(This is the amount defined for meeting the school expenses of one primary school or high school student in the academic year 2021-2022).

To provide education support for university students:
* Donation in advance payment: 4,300 TL (once only)
* Donation in monthly payments: 430 TL (for 10 months),
In the monthly payments option, a copy of the automatic payment order given to the bank for monthly transfers to Payda account should be sent to Payda.
(This is the amount defned for meeting the school expenses of one university student in the academic year 2021-2022).
Students are sent their payments between September – June.
We suspend our payments to students switching to distance education or who suspend their studies.

At the beginning of each academic year, we make an additional 300 TL stationary payment to students in September, for meeting their basic stationery needs.

We aim to send an average of 15 books per year to each student through book campaigns.
Donations are not accepted of books about religion, politics or which support any specific ideology or with discriminatory content.
Donations of books which are detrimantal to sexual, ethical or moral values in content are not accepted.
Types of books accepted for donation:
Turkish and World Classics, Youth and Children’s books, Personal Development books , books on Philosophy, Crime, Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Art, Travel and of similar content.
In addition to these, test books to prepare for high school or university exams are also accepted.

We provide laptops for university students in order to help them in their homework and studies.
Donation for one laptop is 8,000 TL.
Donations of second hand laptops in working condition and not older than 5 years are also accepted.

We provide an additional resource of 430 TL for test books and other educational expenses in line with needs and as the budget permits, to successful 8th, 11th and 12th grade students in the process of applying for secondary education or university.
(This is the amount defined for meeting the school expenses of one university student in the academic year 2021-2022).

We try to create training opportunities for our new graduates who continue with their high school or university education, in order to enable them to gain work experience and define their career goals.

As far as possible, we appoint student mentors from among volunteering students to help our students meet any challenges during their education and support them in making the right decisions about their education and future. This enables us to pay close attention to students, for which we do not require donations.

We would like to welcome you to our meetings, cultural activities and trips organized every September-October and April-May in the cities where female students receiving Payda Educational Support live, to bring together the students, their families, project volunteers, and donors.
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You may follow updates about the project on the News and Activities tab.

We include female students between grades 3 – 11 for our project. The aim is first and foremost to enable them to continue their education, and to support them in finishing high school first, and then university. The basic criteria in student selection is the family having constrained circumstances (monthly income of families is generally below 900 TL), and the student being willing and hard working. We also consider other criteria like one of the parents having died, left home or being unemployed, or unable to work due to any disability, and the presence of disabled individuals in the family. The student’s academic success and efforts should be preserved in order for the education support to continue.
We supervise and support this continuity through our Student Mentors who support the project on a voluntary basis.

What can you do within the project?
You may provide educational support for one female student.
You may help them smile with donations in kind, including books, stationery, textile products, tc.
You may become an individual or corporate sponsor for city meetings.
You may provide guidance by being a Student Mentor for one student.
You may support in promoting the project by sharing it on the social media.