What is the purpose of PAYDA?

Payda’s purpose is to engage professional organizational and management skills in an NGO to implement projects with long term impact, increase the interaction between people over permanent bridges to be built through these projects, and contribute to social modernization.
The most significant finding based on our founders’ various activities in Istanbul together with other volunteer groups is that there is a vary strong social dissociation among various communities in our country, and the level of communication and interaction between our people affected by this disscoaiton is very low. This issue we frequently face in our daily lives continues to prevail. As Payda, ever since the day we were founded, we continue working hard together with our volunteers to find solutions for bringing us together.


PAYDA Mission
“Development through social interaction.”


PAYDA Vision
“Be the NGO which people with awareness about development and social interaction in Turkey recall first.”


Payda Board of Directors

Chairman: Bora Tokyay (Linkedin Profile)
Vice Chairman: Berrin Orhon (Linkedin Profile)
General Secretary: Berkant Dişçigil (Linkedin Profile)
Comptroller: Anıl Atılgan (Linkedin Profile)
Member: Sinan Ceylan  (Linkedin Profile)
Member (Reserve): Burcu Tarhan (Linkedin Profile)

Declaration of Donors’ Rights

In line with its transparent and trusted management style, Payda declares that all donors have the rights stated in the Declaration of Donors’ Rights.

Payda Organizational Visual Identity Guideline

Payda Guideline for Logo use includes the rules and practices for using the Payda logo in all visual materials within the scope of Payda organizational identity.


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