Payda at the Museum Project

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In the Payda at the Museum Project we organize a group which comes together for a shared love of art, comprising parents supporting their talented children and those children, who look forward to new exhibitions and to spending an enjoyable and productve Saturday together, with their love of art.
Our day starts with conversation and homemade buns and cakes baked by our volunteers. The day continues by listening to the information given by museum education experts about the exhibition to be toured and about the artist.
Later we tour the exhibition in light of the valuable information given by the expert. Trying to understand, learn, and be inspired, we develop and enhance our understanding further with every exhibition.
At the end of the exhibition tour, we visit the museum shop to see designers’ products inspired by the exhibition, and look forward to our workshop.
In the workshop children create their own artwork under the guidance of the art tutors at the museum, inspired by the exhibition. After taking the photos of the artworks and our group souvenir photo, it’s time to leave.
We choose two books from the desk displaying the books everyone brings from home, give the children our gifts including crayons and sketch books, and leave to meet again.
We look forward to meeting for the love of art and children in the next exhibition, to explore further together!

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